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NY Harbor Sunset: Photo: 2012 (C) by Allan B. Rubin
Climate Crisis Emergency Is Here: These Are the Facts: Special Rallying Event: Poets House, NY City, April 12th, 2013.
Editorial by Daniela Gioseffi, American Book Award Winning Author:
Eco-feminist and Social Justice Activist for over 45 Years.  


    The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it, said George Orwell. We must remember that as we fight the fossil fuel industry and the major media of the USA controlled by it--
as we spread the truth about Climate Crisis Emergency now upon us and our children. Ninety-nine percent of scientists worldwide agree that climate crisis is unquestionably here now, causing catastrophes around the globe. The USA is the only country in which the fact of climate crisis existence is debated and in which it has become a political issue with legislative representatives on the right falsely arguing that it doesn't exist. The NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently published the seventh annual Arctic Report Card, which revealed some major concerns in Arctic trends. Not only did the Greenland ice sheet start melting for the first time in 2012, but the snow cover of North America and Eurasia is at a record low. The Arctic sea ice is also at its smallest reach while it continues to become thin. These and other terrifying Arctic trends gives very real reason to worry about climate change. CO2 emissions and water absorption is causing acidity of the oceans and destroying marine life and coral reefs, too. Another huge problem caused by the burning of polluting and toxic fossil fuel.

    At the recent climate change conference talks in Dohar, Qatar, climate scientist Bill Hare, one of the lead authors of a new World Bank Report, “Turn Down the Heat: Why a Warmer World Must Be Avoided”-- was asked how the world’s historically largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the U.S. could be expected to contribute to a global fund to combat climate change. “We have a climate cliff.... We’re facing a carbon tsunami, actually, where huge amounts of carbon are now being emitted at a faster rate than ever. And it’s that carbon tsunami that’s likely to overwhelm the planet with warming, sea-level rise and acidifying the oceans.” Hare reported. Click Here-> Watch this VIDEO and LIVE or Die! It's a great education!

    The Kyoto Protocol is the only legally binding global treaty that forces nations to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The U.S. one of the world's largest carbon emiters, has never signed onto it and its lack of leadership is stultifying other nations' political will to do so. Though the treaty was again extended to 2020 at the recent conference in Dohar, far fewer nations signed on this time. There is no binding agreement by countries of the world to slow global warming and not enough political will to address the dire and urgent crisis of climate crisis now upon us. It is up to we, the people, to apply pressure on our governments to act. From Typhoon Bopha in the Philippines to Superstorm Sandy in the United States, to floods in England and Italy, and droughts in U.S. and Chinese farmlands, the need for strong political proponents of the global treaty are growing greater. Many nations have come to the table to negotiate with strength and conviction. Meantime, President Obama's representatives, Todd Stern and Jonathan Pershing, came to Dohar with the same attitude they had before--basically to obstruct the U.N. process rather than comply with the Kyoto Protocol. Their actions are exposing President Obama's statement after election in which he mentioned the right of children to grow up in a world not threatened by global warming and climate crisis, as hypocritical. Shouldn't we be writing, telephoning and asking why our country is not complying with and supporting the accord? As Nation of Change makes clear, isn't it unthinkable that the U.S. has not signed onto this most important accord, so vital to our economy and the world's as the World Bank Report makes clear?

    The 20th century's last two decades were the hottest on record, and the summer of 2012 was the warmest on record in the Northeast and around the world. Average temperatures have risen by .75 degrees Celsius. Global emission of CO2 hit record levels in 2011. The habitable planet cannot take more than one more degree of increase. Ocean levels have risen by about 20 centimeters in the last 100 years. Average temperatures are higher than ever. These facts are corroborated by leading environmentalists and climatologists worldwide. [ See Bibliography.] All agree that the U.S. major media are under-reporting the effects of climate crisis because of their conflict of interest with multinational fossil fuel corporations, many of whom own the news agencies or make up a large part of their investments or commercial earnings. Only three percent of the news stories about widespread wildfires in 2012 linked the fires to climate crisis, though the drought and heat of global warming are the cause. 850,000 hectares of forest lands were burned in wildfires in 2012 as of July 10th.

    Most importantly, the arctic circle could be ice-free within less than two decades, causing the death of many great rivers of the world. Large-scale floods as the icecaps disappear will be followed by droughts as the rivers that are fed by melting ice dry up rendering them unable to provide irrigation for farmlands. Water shortages in innumerable areas of the world will ensue. Huge desserts will be created where farmlands once provided food. Most people are unaware of the large-scale cause and effects of global warming and imagine it will simply mean a world that's a bit hotter. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Yet, the U.S. election campaigns followed closely by world news offered practically no debate regarding climate crisis as the Republican, Mitt Romney, was funded by huge fossil fuel interests through giant, unaccountable super-pacs who do not answer at all to the interests of anyone concerned with sustaining life on Earth. Recently, it was found that Saudi Arabia contributed huge sums of money to the Republican campaign through super pacs. Foreign fossil fuel interests are involved in controlling our national elections. In his Republican convention acceptance speech, Mitt Romney promised finally that he would not save the planet, but save your family. What does that nonsense statement mean? Can one have a well family without a healthy planet for their sustainence? The fossil fuel economy dominated the elections, causing President Obama to lie low on the issues of climate crisis -- actually far more important to every aspect of life on the planet, including the economy of all countries and the U.S., now greatly in debt, and experiencing the costly disaster of extreme weather caused by global warming.

        While most are obsessed with economic issues, it's not made clear enough by the major U.S. media that climate change will have a huge effect in destroying the world economy with very costly extreme weather conditions happening across the globe. This can be studied more closely at the Climate Reality Project where statistics are available. To accentuate the point, in November, 2012, the World Bank published a study, reported in The Washington Post, and mentioned above, regarding the terrifying economic effects expected from climate crisis. It warned that at the current rate of fossil fuel use, we are facing a complete catastrophe of the world economy. Food shortages and water shortages could increase worldwide within less than a couple of decades. My mantra has become: "Many have lived without fossil fuels and electricity, but none without water and food." In our highly mechanized society, this mantra is difficult to accept.
Leaders of the United Nations warn that the situation is dire and neglected by superpowers like the USA, China and India which are among the largest producers of carbon emissions. Click here to a video of U.N. leaders talking of Climate Crisis.

     Bill McKibben of and Al Gore of The Climate Reality Project both agree, along with reputable scientists and climatologists worldwide, that climate crisis catastrophe is now upon us and costing the world economy in multibillions of dollars of disaster relief. Al Gore is now calling global warming, “Climate Crisis Emergency!” Former U.S. Vice President Gore won the Nobel Prize with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC as co-winner in 2007. He was given the Academy Award for the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" in 2006, over six years ago now. Inspired by Al Gore, Leonardo De Caprio narrated a documentary a year later, titled The 11th Hour. It was greatly neglected by the media and the public, but also gives warning from top scientists of the world testifying to the urgency of the issues surrounding global warming. Many are unaware that the science of global warming interested Al Gore since he was a college student in his science classes, prior to becoming a politician. He has been committed to environmental issues all of his adult life. His concern was never a political ploy, as some right wing extremists accuse, but a sincere commitment to the health of people and the planet. He has become a top scientist of climatology meeting with the finest climatologists worldwide, writing and speaking around the globe in his attempt to help save the habitable planet.

      In autumn of 2012, six years since the release of "An Inconvenient Truth," we have experienced the hottest summer on record worldwide, as well as super storm Sandy in the Northeast U.S. That "Frankenstorm," as it was dubbed, constituted an unprecedented disaster that cost upwards of $60 to $80 billion and still counting. It should be called the "Exxon-Chevron Hurricane." Yet, despite hurricanes like Katrina, Irene, and Sandy, despite drought in 50% of our farmland this summer, despite huge droughts in China and floods in Italy and the Philippines and tremendous wildfires in the western U.S., despite growing extreme weather disasters worldwide -- far too little is being done to address the crisis, even by President Obama who is greatly pressured by the fossil fuel and nuclear industry to develop more dirty energy production. According to climatologists everywhere, the fact is that if all the fossil fuel currently stored on earth is burned, the habitable planet will be destroyed beyond repair. President Obama needs greater pressure put upon him by the people of the U.S. to halt the development of fossil fuel production and invest in clean renewable energy such as geothermal, solar, and wind -- all of which can easily meet the energy needs of the entire planet if quickly developed and put into use. The U.S. needs to lead the world in the direction of clean renewable energy, and immediately, if catastrophe is to be avoided. There can be no excuse, economic or otherwise, to invest in the development of more fossil fuel production. Divesting in fossil fuels is the paramount issue of our survival. The political will to do so is sorely lacking right and left, but the movement to divest is growing. Bill McKibben and are currently spear heading a national campaign with college and university students and alumni to pressure institutions of higher learning to divest their endowments and pension funds in fossil fuels. Many colleges and universities have joined in the movement to avoid the hypocrisy of educating students for a world in which their higher educational skills could easily mean nothing, when they graduate into a world suffering weather disasters that cause widespread water shortages, famine and lost habitat.

     Note that the major media during 2012 discussed climate crisis only 3% of the time whenever a climate catastrophe occurred, as for example the monumental droughts and wildfires in the U.S. farmlands and in China in the summer of that year. The weird tornados in Poland and New York City, or the floods in the Philippines, the U.K. or Italy, and yet again in New Orleans were rarely connected in weather and newscasts to the extreme weather patterns caused by global warming. There is no doubt in the mind of the great majority of reputable scientists that these costly catastrophes are a result of climate change, but the lack of discussion in major media outlets keeps Americans too complacent. Tragically, the most important moral issue of all time, concerning our very survival, has slipped off the radar of most good and caring people. Economic issues still hold the world's attention spellbound in winter of 2012. The news of climate crisis catastrophe is growing since Hurricane Sandy, but not fast enough. It should be a topic of conversation on every news broadcast, in every college classroom, in every pulpit and at every gathering. The world is not destined to go on as it has been, and our educational system, with faculty pensions and endowments greatly invested in fossil fuel industries, is failing our young people. It continues to educate students for a world in which their current curriculum studies will be of little use if the growing and impending climate catastrophe now upon us is not immediately minimized by lower levels of carbon emissions. As mentioned above, Bill McKibben in the fall of 2012, launched a worldwide campaign to encourage students to demand that their institutions of learning divest in fossil fuels. As of December 2012, about 150 colleges and universities have already begun to do so. This campaign among young students must be encouraged to grow. Young people's futures are at stake. To learn more about it and be warned about "The New Math" of climate crisis go to and join the struggle.

    By the summer of 2012, 30% of the arctic ice caps had already melted within the last 40 years, and are now estimated to melt away exponentially faster than was predicted previously. Nearly a million deaths each year are now attributed to climate crisis. The U.S. is responsible for 25% of CO2 emission worldwide. Many new studies have linked climate change to extreme weather events. 50% of U.S. farmland was in drought this summer, destroying food crops. This will cause food prices to rise higher for the 99% who cannot afford higher food costs. Children in the Congo are now walking miles for a drink of water when they used to have nearby, accessible water supplies. The 2011 famine in East Africa has now been linked to climate change by scientific studies. The 99% must realize how this will affect their ability to survive economically, as well as physically, and it needs to be a top priority for lobbying our governments with sociopolitical action campaigns.

     The last 12 months in the mainland U.S. were the hottest on record in 400 years. The recent U.S. heat wave was blamed for dozens of deaths this summer. The heat caused highways to buckle in Illinois and Wisconsin. Nearly 56% of the U.S. experienced a moderate to severe drought in 2012 . U.S. crops have been impacted due to droughts across the country. Temperatures reached 118 degrees in Georgia. Yet, fossil fuel companies continue to subsidize a huge propaganda campaign to deny climate crisis in their greed for profit. For example, the Koch Brothers mentioned above, oil multi-billionaires who opposed Obama’s desire to do something to address climate crisis and their Republican supporters who want to build the XL pipeline through the U.S. The Canadian manufacture of oil from its tar sands will tip the climate crisis beyond repair, according to many reputable climatologists. The pipeline is totally counter productive for the US economy. President Obama has refused to approve its construction so far, and he must be pressured not to allow it to be built. The XL Pipeline will only benefit the Canadian economy, if that, while endangering American lands and tipping climate catastrophe over the brink of survival for the habitable planet.

    Nonetheless, politicians funded by fossil fuel industrialists, like the Koch Brothers, Exxon, Chevron, BP, TransCanada, etc., continue to campaign for the Keystone XL Pipeline, a dangerous and counterproductive project that will profit multinational corporations while destroying the planet's health and habitability. The billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch are known for donating vast sums into right-wing campaigns while the U.S. is accused of blocking progress at the U.N. climate talks in Dohar. A new report says the Koch brothers may be the biggest force behind the climate stalemate. The Kochs run oil refineries and control thousands of miles of pipeline, giving them a monumental stake in fossil fuel industries. President Obama wants to create more jobs in the area of alternative energies like wind, water and solar, and he has sanctioned a plan to reduce the carbon emissions from automotive vehicles by manufacturing more energy efficient ones and lowering emissions standards by law -- but not rapidly enough to save the habitable planet. Obama is a far lesser evil than Romney would have been. Saving the Obama presidency was only one important part of the movement to get in gear to save the habitable planet from fossil fuel multinational corporations. There will be literal Hell on Earth for our children and us in our later years to pay in less than twenty years from now. We are already suffering storms like Hurricane Sandy and droughts and floods across the globe. Multinational fossil fuel corporations care little for any country's well-being. They're bascially profit-driven despite their PR campaigns. They've been waging a huge propaganda campaign against a belief in climate catastrophe indisputably caused by global warming and carbon emissions. It's a dire emergency according to all the world’s reputable climatologists, including scientists formerly with NASA who at one time minimized the dangers and are now very concerned with the truth of it. For one good source on the issues, see the Union of Concerned Scientists composed of top scientists.


     More viable to the survival of the habitable planet than liberal or moderate Democratic platforms is the Green Party's environmental policies That platform is more responsible than the Democratic Party policy -- but the U.S. has difficulty growing a strong enough third party due to corporate influences and their big contributions through superpacs that control public elections. We the people, to save our lives and our children's, need to increase our struggle for alternative energy development by pressuring the Obama administration, now that the president is in his last term. We can't afford to be apathetic about issues that are already producing about a million climate refugees yearly. I repeat, the continued burning of all the fossil fuel already stored for use on the planet will bring the demise of the habitable Earth in less than two decades. We need to build an alternative and viable third party with policies like the Green Party or the Working Families Party. The platforms of these parties are far better than those of either the Democrats or Republicans in terms of a sustainable future for all people of every class and color. The rich and fossil fuel industrialists will not escape the catastrophes of climate change. The worst case scenario will bring the temperature of our atmosphere beyond human endurance and the threat is real--even according to The World Bank as reported in The Washington Post.

     There are those scientist authors paid by fossil fuel industrialists, like Patrick Michaels, author of Meltdown, who deny climate crisis emergency. Michaels' book promoted by fossil fuel industrialists has been totally discredited by many major media sources and governmental agencies as well as by scientists of the United Nations, and worldwide. Our U.S. government has many extremely ill-informed representatives with conflicts of interest on the issues. They foolishiy attempt to discredit those legitimately devoting their lives to combat the realities of climate catastrophe. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are only two of the political leaders paid to deny climate emergency. There is much to read on the internet about the problems of denial funded by profit motives, lobbyists and influence peddling. is another organization one can join online. There are many possibilities for participation. We need to stop wringing our hands, or sitting upon them, and join in the struggle with as much determination as is possible in each of our lives. Even offering a little amount of help is better than none. Making climate crisis emergency the subject of conversation wherever we go and learning more of the facts to disseminate actually does help. It is the greatest of all moral imperatives, especially if we have children in our lives whom we care about, but even if we simply want our own old age to be tolerable, and if we want literature to have a future, if we want great poetry, art and civilization to survive and there to be readers and observers of it in the future -- we need to become involved in the struggle to save the planet's habitability for the plant and animal life upon which human life depends. One wonders about how many people going about their daily lives can define "atmospheric balance" or "photosynthesis" as scientific factors paramount to their existence.

     Propaganda by fossil fuel industrialists, or extremist religious beliefs, can so cloud the truth that a man like Mitt Romney -- who was actually 47th in the nation among all the governors of the U.S. in job creation, when he governed Massachusetts -- can run on a platform that declares him a great job creator. The Romney/Ryan energy plan was simply to "Drill, Baby, Drill!" everywhere, including in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge, and in federally owned land preserves and parks, as well as all around our coastlines with dangerous oil rigs and pipelines set up in the wake of increasing hurricanes, earthquakes, and tidal waves. These rigs and pipelines can rupture or explode in fierce Frankenstorms like Katrina, Irene and Sandy. Need we be reminded that Climate Catastrophe affects the economy, and disasters like those in New Orleans, the Gulf, and in the Northeast cost multi-billions to clean up and address? Gas line explosions and oil rig accidents happen often enough even in a mild climate, let alone volatile extreme weather conditions like those occurring now. Toxic hydro-fracking and natural gas full of radon, threatens our acquifers and air and is not a viable long-term solution. Natural gas is a filthy fossil fuel. Al Gore explains in his book, Our Choice, 2012, that there is easily enough geothermal, wind and solar power to meet the energy needs of the planet, if only we will immediately invest in alternative clean energies and change some of our bad and wasteful habits. How many stop to think that one hamburger takes 6,000 gallons of drinkable water and seven times the farmable land to produce as does healthier vegetable protein? All that is really needed is the sociopolitical will to survive, instead of behaving like Lemmings rushing to our deaths!

     Solar energy, despite what propaganda from the fossil fuel industry says against it, could power the earth with solar panels in the deserts of the world. Wind power, water power, and geothermal power are alternative energies that can reduce carbon emissions and save the habitable planet, if we move fast enough to divest in polluting fossil fuels and invest in clean energies, instead. These alternative energies can create enough jobs for a viable and growing economy as we do so. There are many very possible solutions if we have the collective political will to save the planet for the children. Each time I look at my grandchildren or pass a child in the street, I feel my heart throb with the need to work on these issues daily. As I read Al Gore''s latest book: OUR CHOICE: How to Solve the Climate Crisis -- available as an interactive e-book and a print book, my aching heart rises with the hope of the miraculous science and technologies being slowly developed around the globe that could save us if we can only move faster against the might of the fossil fuel multinational corporations.

      We writers need to review such books. Talk about them in classes, write poems, stories, personal essays, plays, film scripts inspired by the facts they offer. Our Choice by Al Gore and Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet by Bill McKibben can be used for writing assignments and readings to stimulate and inspire writings on how to address the climate catastrophe now upon us. We need to help make the warning felt on he emotional level. We need to consider "What is the role of the poet now that Earth Is dying?"

    What is the role of the poet now that Earth is suffocating -- glaciers melting, rivers dying, oceans acidifying, vital coral reefs disappearing, libraries drowning, books drenched with tidal waves, huge hurricanes, fierce tornados toppling homes, museums and schools, farmlands dried with droughts, and drenched in floods -- Earth dying with all Her beautiful children, all her lovely flowers and fruits! Shouldn't we writers, we wordsmiths of the imagination, add our articulate voices to this most important of all moral causes ever faced by any writers?

      The huge amount of propaganda paid for by fossil fuel multinational corporations is due to the nefarious U.S. Supreme Court decision, disarmingly titled “Citizens United Versus the Federal Elections Commission," the brainchild of Karl Rove among others. That decision declared that "corporations are persons and their money is free speech," allowing huge super pacs to control our political campaigns and deny the truth of humane science. There's currently a nationwide people's campaign to amend the constitution against that undemocratic decision that made the USA a virtual oligarchy of the multinational, global corporations who care only for profit and not for people of any country. Seven states and many municipalities have "Moved to Amend the Constitution" against this disastrous decision of the Supreme Court, championed by Justices Thomas, and Alito. They are known to have met with the Koch Brothers, oil industry billionaires mentioned earlier, prior to the decision that declared corporations as persons and their money as free speech. That nefarious decision has allowed multi-millions of campaign contributions by fossil fuel corporations to be poured into rightwing Republican campaigns for control of our energy policies.

     Climate catastrophe is here, moving forward faster than even Bill McKibben's or Al Gore or the UN organization of scientists thought it would. [See bibliography, below.] The World Bank study, 2012, concluded as much and expressed the fear of the economic consequences to global warming. Though President Obama's administration is a far lesser evil in that it has moved to reduce carbon emissions and invest in alternative energies -- it is held back by fossil fuel industrial pressures. At least, his administration has acknowledged the existence of climate crisis and, so far, refused to tip the balance toward no return by refusing to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline for development of Canadian tar sands; but we, the people, must continue to apply pressure wherever we can to make climate crisis a top priority of our government representatives and educational systems. As it says at Al Gore's Climate Reality Drop: "Is it too hard to go to the moon, eradicate smallpox or end apartheid? Is it too hard to build a computer that fits in your pocket? No? Then it's not too hard to build a clean energy future, either."

    We, the 99%, will never achieve important taxes on carbon emissions with right-wing resistance in place. To this end, not-for-profit, educational PoetsUSA is publishing Eco-Poetry on Climate Crisis Emergency and poetry of ecological sanity, featuring many accomplished poets, along with iconic authors. We're promoting essays, books and studies written by the world’s most respected climatologists as well as the creative writers who understand the most important moral issue that has ever faced human life on Earth.
    On Friday Evening April 12th, 7 PM, 2013 at POETS HOUSE, NY City, FREE and open to the public, accomplished poets from around the Metropolitan Area will read their work and comment on climate crisis. Educational materials will be available. Links, below, will lead one to activist organizations working on the issue. One can work on the issues from home computers and telephones, as well as by joining demonstrations and sociopolitical actions. Click to printable flyer (pdf) for April 12th, 2013. PLEASE kindly distribute it and plan to attend!

Selected e-Bibliography: Scroll down, please.

Click Here-> Watch this VIDEO and LIVE or Die! --an excellent 49 mins. education by two scientists. James Hansen & Bill McKibben appear toward the end. It starts out with 2 funky people who are great, but stick with it. They are reputable scientists, not movie stars. Education of a lifetime.

"The New Math of Climate Crisis Catastrophe:" July 19, 2012: Rolling Stone and PBS: Bill McKibben: “It’s been an almost unbelievably hot summer. We’re living through epic droughts. We’ve seen the biggest wildfires in New Mexico and Colorado in our history. We’ve seen more than 3,200 new high temperature records set in June alone. And that’s not just here — this past June was the warmest ever measured across the northern hemisphere. There are crop-withering droughts in much of Eastern Europe right now, epic flooding in India. What we’re seeing is a distillation of what climate change looks like…."

Al Gore’s Latest Book: OUR CHOICE: How to Solve the Climate Crisis Now Upon US: Two years in the making. In the five years since the publication and release of the landmark book and documentary film An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore, co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, 2007, has convened more than 30 Solutions Summits around the world, bringing together some of the most acclaimed and forward-thinking experts in climatology, renewable energy, conservation, business, and governance in order to find actionable solutions to the environmental emergency crisis now upon us. Our Choice presents that incredible body of research. One can buy an interactive e-book or print book to discover our means planet salvation.

The Climate Reality Project: http://climatereality

The United Nations:
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC

Study by The World Bank reported November, 2012, in The Washington Post.

EARTH POLICY INSTITUTE: Learn how the melting glaciers will affect water supply and irrigation of farmlands worldwide. Food shortages will be created by rivers and streams drying from the lack of melting glacier waters that supply major rivers....

GREEN PARTY, environmental platform:


Paradise lost?" By William Brangham Aug. 10, 2012 “Need to Know” PBS Channel 13 The tiny Pacific island nation of Palau is a paradise on earth. This band of several hundred islands is home to some of the world’s most stunning marine life, and to the twenty thousand people who live there. But like many low-lying nations across the world, Palau is threatened by the effects of climate change and sea-level rise….

“The Endless Summer” By Mark Bittman:

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League of Conservation Voters: Focus on U.S. Congress: information on proposed legislation, how U.S. Senators and Representatives vote on environmental issues. Scorecards of voting performance on climate crisis issues.

Earth Justice: Environmental Law: Because the Earth Needs a Good Defense... Non-profit environmental law firm dedicated to protecting the natural environment, especially in the American West.

PBS Channel 13 has a special series on Climate Change. Videos are archived. There's a good one from Frontline. Just Google and "climate change."

The New York Times has a blog titled "Dot Earth," featuring Andrew C. Revkin in which one can participate with comments.

Climate Change Documentaries - Eco Evolution: A concise listing of quality programs focusing on the impacts of global warming on society.

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Operationalizing Adaptation to Climate Change: Adaptation to Climate Change in Canada - Conference Board’s 2nd report on adaptation issues identifies specific actions for the private and public sectors to help integrate adaptation to climate change into decision-making.

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Edited by Daniela Gioseffi

Photo 2012 (C) Allan B. Rubin

Editor: Daniela Gioseffi, American Book Award winning author/ social justice activist for 50 yrs. Author of 14 books of poetry and prose on social justice, ecological truth, war and peace issues.